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Wintertime Complexion Tips

November 3rd, 2013 • Posted by Spa Je' Moi • Permalink

As the mild autumn months fade and harsh winter weather approaches, many of us begin to dread the uncomfortable dry itchy skin that often accompanies the coldest season of the year. But, with a few simple changes to your skincare routine and some guidance, it is easy to combat the skin discomforts that come with the chilly weather.

First, it is crucial to assess your everyday skincare products. Many products that are perfect for summertime skincare can be problematic when used during the cold winter months. For instance, cleansers that work well for the oily skin problems that many clients face during the warm weather are much too harsh for the dry winter months and can strip the skin of natural moisture. A mild non-soap based cleanser is a good choice during the winter. Perhaps even more importantly, take a close look at your everyday moisturizer. Parched winter skin requires a different level of hydration. Using thicker creams rather than lotion-based moisturizers can have a huge impact on your skin. Products that contain glycerin and lanolin can be effective at moisturizing and relieving dry skin. Be sure to opt for a non-alcoholic toner as well in order to keep the drying factor to a minimum while still restoring the skin to its natural pH level.

Ditch soap-based products such as bubble bath as well. If you are in the mood for a warm relaxing bath, add a few drops of oil to the tub instead. Applying cream moisturizer while skin is still damp is also helpful, as it seals in the moisture more effectively.

Another important aspect of winter skin care that often gets overlooked is remembering to protect skin from the harmful effects of the sun. The powerful rays of the sun are no less damaging just because the weather is cold and brisk. When selecting skincare products for wintertime, it is essential to include a moisturizer that contains SPF 30 or greater.

As always, diet has a great impact on skin as well. Eating a diet rich in antioxidants is key to healthy skin, especially during the unforgiving winter months. Foods rich in antioxidants include blueberries, spinach, apricots, raspberries, and many other colorful and delicious fruits and vegetables. Drinking plenty of water is also vital to healthy, moisturized skin throughout the year. Adding a humidifier (or even just a few houseplants) to your home is another great way to promote healthy moisturized winter skin.

In addition to making appropriate product changes for the winter season and eating a skin-healthy diet, there are a number of spa treatments that can be a wonderful addition to your cold weather skincare routine. Body wraps are a fantastic (and extremely moisturizing) option. Scrubs and exfoliating treatments are also great for wintertime because they slough away the dull scaly dead skin, revealing brighter healthier-looking skin beneath.

Come to the office for a variety of different types of facials that can renew skin and restore its brightness during the dull winter months. Whether you are embracing the chilly weather on the slopes or relaxing by the crackle of a warm winter fireplace, winter weather does not have to mean tight, uncomfortable dry skin this year. With a few smart switches and a little advice, wintertime beauty and skincare can be less complicated than ever.

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