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What You Need to Know About Natural Makeup

November 17th, 2013 • Posted by Spa Je' Moi • Permalink

There's an organic trend afoot in the U.S. From organic foods to natural cosmetics, people are ditching the chemicals in favor of healthier options. When it comes to natural makeup, many women have asked questions like, what is natural makeup made out of? It's just one of the questions we answer in this quick natural makeup guide.

What does "natural" mean?

Federal health officials don't have a concrete definition of natural, but for the most part, natural makeup is made of mica, silica and clay. All of these elements are found in nature and weren't chemically altered to make the product. A good rule of thumb when you're looking at the ingredients in natural makeup is to make sure you can pronounce them. If the ingredient section is full tongue twisters, it's probably not natural.

Why aren't all cosmetics natural?

While natural makeup may be better for your skin, it costs more to manufacture natural cosmetics. Plus, some of the chemicals used to create makeup keep the product bacteria-free and in a pressed form.

When should a person switch to natural makeup?

Some women go with natural products because of skin sensitivities. Others, want to use a chemical-free product. You can switch anytime, but be prepared to a pay a little more for natural cosmetics.

We are here to help and we can answer any questions that you may have about your makeup needs.

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