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Knowing What to Expect: Eyelash Extensions

March 19th, 2014 • Posted by Spa Je' Moi • Permalink

You've seen them and you love them -- long, thick, dramatic eyelashes. You think longingly back to those days in high school when your own lashes practically brushed your eyebrows and wish you had them back. While that may be a bit of hyperbole, there is nothing wrong with wanting to look as if the Eyelash Fairy visits you in your sleep. A great set of eyelash extensions can do that. But like every great thing in life, your experience will be colored by how well you manage your expectations.

As experts in the field, here's what we know: they can only work with what you already have. If you are blessed with lush lashes already but simply don't want to wear mascara every day, we will have no problem applying tons of long lashes to the ones you already have. If, however, you are at a stage where your natural lashes are sparse, thin and not-so-long, we will have to use a different tactic. We will likely tell you that your extensions will need to be a bit shorter. That's because long extensions need something to support them. Think of your existing lashes as the foundation for your new set. Because extensions are applied directly to your natural lashes, that foundation will determine the kind of extensions that can be used.

Don't be discouraged, though! While they may not be Kardashian in length just yet, your extensions will be dark and thick enough to bring attention to your eyes. The very fact that you aren't applying mascara to them will give your natural lashes time to become healthier. In fact, as your lashes begin to recoup, we will be able to increase the number of lashes applied and also add in longer lashes. It simply takes time. Your first application will not make you look like Twiggy circa 1966, but give it time. As we get to know your natural lashes - and what they can accommodate - we will slowly be able to give you those dream eyes.

Our friend, Melody, is a terrific example of what happens when one manages her lash expectations well. Melody tells us that she's always had thin, sparse, barely-there natural lashes. Although we were unable to give her butterfly-like lashes in those early months, Melody says that it didn't matter. What she did get was thicker, darker, more dramatic lashes and that was more than she'd ever had before.

Over time, Melody has gotten to know her natural lashes and knows how much they can accommodate in the way of extensions. We have found that though Melody's natural lashes aren't long, they are incredibly strong, able to support the weight of longer lashes. It also helps that Melody uses Latisse to increase the length and condition of her natural lashes as she now wears her lush lash extensions.

Regardless of the amount and length of extensions that can be applied to your own eyes, your managed expectations can help you to fully enjoy them.

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