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Don't Bother with Mascara

September 17th, 2013 • Posted by Total Beauty Studio • Permalink

In the quest for long, thick eyelashes you've tried false eyelashes, over the counter eyelash extenders, and of course, every mascara under the sun. You have even considered seeing a doctor for a prescription to grow longer lashes. Before you resort to such a radical approach, why not try eyelash extensions? Eyelash extensions look natural and are suitable for an active life. Best of all, once they are in place, you can throw away your mascara and greet the world with longer, thicker lashes.

Eyelash extensions are low-upkeep. The only special care your eyelash extensions need is a nightly application of lash cleanser and conditioner, plus occasional touch-ups. With proper care, your eyelash extensions will remain in place until your natural lashes are replaced in the ordinary growing cycle. Each lash is applied individually, with a special pain-free technique that is designed not to harm your natural lashes.

You can swim, play sports, and of course, sleep in your new, longer lashes without worrying about runny mascara or the embarrassment of having false eyelashes fall off at an inopportune moment. For special occasions, you may add a layer of water-soluble mascara for extra drama, but in general, you can simply delete applying mascara from your makeup routine.

And since eyelash extensions are semi-permanent, you can even save money, despite the upfront cost. Once you calculate the money you regularly spend on mascara, or what you would spend on a prescription to grow your lashes, eyelash extensions are a real bargain. And the impact that eyelash extensions make on your looks cannot be measured in dollars. Once your eyelash extensions are in place, you will wonder why you waited so long. Call to make your eyelash extension appointment today.

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